Secunderabad’s after-hours’ plea: Let the party begin! | Times of India

SECUNDERABAD: The hotel and hospitality sector in Secunderabad is down in the dumps, say experts and residents.This popular opinion was echoed in a recent survey by TOI, in association with Varenia CIMS, where only 1% of the population saw growth potential in the city’s hospitality sector. The survey also revealed that nightlife, in particular, has not been Secunderabad’s strong suit with only 9% saying that they are happy with the nightlife options that the city offers.Experts said that various
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The Great Indian Kitchen: A familiar unease

The Great Indian Kitchen should be made mandatory viewing at family get-togethers where men sit in the living room, and women stand around in the kitchen laughing over their son’s inability to boil water or fretting over their daughter’s lack of culinary inclination.

The movie is the story of a newly-wed couple who embark on their marital journey with no route-map in hand. To one of them, this makes no difference as it is life as usual; nothing appears to have changed. For another, however, the

Hyderabad couple has a story for every child | Times of India

Students of MMPS Chitkul, a school in Medak, browse through their new books

HYDERABAD: The children of Dogra Nagar in Jammu often wake up to sounds of shelling. On days like these, they gingerly find their way to the house of an elderly couple because it means escape in more ways than one.The house, which doubles as a community library , is stacked with books that tell stories about children like them in lands away from theirs. And the books had been brought from homes of children their age, li
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Rehana Fathima case: Punishment in search of a crime?

After being denied bail by the Kerala High Court, activist Rehana Fathima has now moved apex court amid statewide debate. Asiaville explores the case through the lens of child rights, law, art and feminism.

Addressing the allegations of child abuse, Radha points out that it was Rehana's son who asked to draw on Rehana's body while the latter was resting due to an eye infection. The young boy was not forced into the act. Therefore, the agency is with the child and not with Rehana as is being mad